Forgotten places 2014

Acrylic paintings & object / Acrylic on canvas, plastic box, acrylic resins, polystyrene /

The artwork is composed of ten canvases that displays abstract landscape in a horizontal composition, which ends up transformed into a transparent cube. Artwork "forgotten places" explores links between real and imaginative worlds placed in to the context of the landscape. In comparison with the traditional experience of a real landscape, they are imaginative and timeless backdrops of forgotten memories, desires and emotions. They are shelter full of nostalgia imbued with romantic memories from my childhood. Memories are merged and become conserved into the transparent plastic cube. Looking at the work in a broader context, imaginative landscapes explore the relationship between man, space and their joint coexistence, trying to preserve the tradition and intimacy in the creation of new systems. Time in these places do not exist, it is defined by feelings and experiences.