Divergence of picture 2005 - 2010

Two-channel video and audio instalation / video and sound, modular paper cubes  /  2m x 2m x 2m

This work follows the path of my earlier artistic researches intersection of video and static image/object creating an intimate ambience installation. I made a step forward in the development of divergence, adding the sound files that are successfully contributing to the ambient atmosphere.

The installation is composed of cubes as the initial module, video projections and sound. Changing the size and numbers of these basic modules, allowing their more or less penetration into the space it produces plastic surface. Video projections or static image projected on cubes accents three-dimensionality. The possibility of multiplying and changing the geometric design of the cube, the art work start to be like an organism that grows or decreases compatible to the space. Image has become easy and transparent. It plays with the perception of contemporary man whose eyes are focused in to traditionally patterns of observing a work of art.

The projections of nature on the geometric structures represent the life force trapped in a system. On the other hand, the projection on cubes that supposed to criticize the system, created a completely new reality. Therefore, it could be questioned: "Whether the system restricts, or it offers new solutions"?