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Nina Iris Beslic

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Nina Beslic attended a High School of Fine Arts (High school diploma / product design department ) and enrolled at University of Fine Arts in Zagreb 1999 ( Master of Fine Arts / painting and new media department). After graduating in 2004 she moved to England. She participated at Metropolitan University in London but was forced to withdraw due to objective reasons and she returned to Zagreb. From then she works as a visual artist participating in solo and group exhibitions. She had fourteen solo and thirty group exhibitions at home and abroad. 2008 she was included in Collection of the Modern and Contemporary Art of Museum Vitturi of the City Kastela. She was attending professional artistic workshops too. She received one award and several grants for artistic creativity. Since 2006 besides the independent artistic activity she has engaged in socio-pedagogical work through art education programs in partnership with non-governmental organizations, universities and art associations. In collaborations she realized seven projects (two exhibition project and five educational). She is also a member of several artistic associations. 2010 launches his solo project "Recycle and Wear-R&W “that uses principle of recycling.





1998 HIGH SCHOOL OF ARTS AND CRAFTS, SPLIT, CRO, High school diploma/product design department /




Cross Dissolve - Cosmosplit, Gallery Pikto &The Technical Museum, Zagreb, Cro

Cross Dissolve - Cosmosplit III, Gallery Događanja, Zagreb, Cro


Cross Dissolve cosmological worlds (with Goran Gatalica), Gallery Zilik, Karlovac, Cro

Cross Dissolve II, Gallery Galić, CAA Split, Cro


Forgotten Places, Gallery CeKao, Zagreb, Cro


Forgotten Places, Gallery Branislav Deskovic, Bol, Cro

Transparent Areas II - Cross Dissolve, Gallery Nano, Zagreb, Cro


First Seven ( with Željko Uremović ), Museum of city Lanškroun, Czech Republic

Transparent Areas, Gallery Kiosk, SC, Zagreb, Cro


Divergence of Picture No3, video and audio - installation, Gallery Događanja, Zagreb, Cro


Divergence of Picture No2, video - installation, Nano Gallery - Artenativa, Zagreb, Cro


Dematerialization of space and dematerialization, Crypt of a Church "Uzvišenje sv.Križa", Trogir, Cro

Dematerialization of space, Gallery CEKAO (Centre for culture and education), Zagreb, Cro

Dematerialization, City library, Solin, Cro


Divergence of Picture No1, Museum Vitturi, Kaštel Lukšić, Cro


City Light, Gallery SC (with Maja Rožman), Zagreb, Cro


Body in space, body as a symbol, Culture centre Zvonimir, Solin, Cro




Hidden - Exhibited, Museum of City Kastela, Kastel Luksic, Cro

7th Croatian Biennial Illustration "City", Klovićevi Dvori, Zagreb, Cro

Kulturoš " In other place", Museum of Međimurje Čakovec, Cro

Design District Festival 2018, "Cross Dissolve II - Blendings", Zagreb, Cro

Cities - Transmision - Museum Prigorje and French Institute, Zagreb, Cro


Tradition in Contemporary Context, Gallery Greta & Gallery Farof, Cro

THT - Award,  Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, Cro

Kresimir Ledić - expressionism in Herzegovina - Gallery of Queen Katarina Kosac, Mostar, BiH


4th International Festival of Visual Arts Kranj -  Slovenian Artist Association, SLO

Non-places – International group exhibition, Gallery Greta, Zagreb

Recycle and wear - Fashion Show - Zagreb week of design – Gallery Lauba

The 1000th Postage Stamp - The National and University Library, Zagreb

Passion Heritage - Wounds - Farof Gallery, Cro

Passion Heritage - Wounds II - Zvonimir Gallery, Zagreb, Cro


3rd Croatian Biennale of Autoportraits " Identities ", Gallery Prica, Samobor, Cro

Movement through elements, Gallery Greta & Upper Town of Zagreb, International exhibition


12. RAF, amateur film festival – short video "Recycle & Wear: HafoxaH!" (with Ivana Ognjanovac and Marko Korbler), Zagreb, Cro

Collaboration performance - "Recycle & Wear: HafoxaH!" (with Ivana Ognjanovac), Zagreb, Cro


Defragmenting personality, Centar for Culture Čakovec, Cro


Group exhibition in Gallery Greta, Zagreb, Cro

Defragmenting personality, the Museum of the City Koprivnica, CRO

From Banner to fashion accessory, CAA (Croatian Association of Artists) in collaboration with Faculty of Textile Technology, Zagreb, Cro


Exhibition of actual members of CAA (Croatian Association of Artists), Zagreb, Cro

13th Exhibition of miniature, transparent space-miniature installations ULS, Zapresic, Cro


Exhibition of actual members of CAA (Croatian Association of Artists), Zagreb, Cro

Cest is the best, International street festival, Zagreb, Cro


Fona, Festival of new arts, MMC (Multimedia centre) Rijeka, Cro

Test 7! Holly and profane, (Arts festival) SC (Student centre), Zagreb, Cro

40th ZAGREB SALON, Synergy, «Reinvented functionality», Glyptotheque, Zagreb, Cro

Exhibition of actual members of CAA (Croatian Association of Artists), Zagreb, Cro

Print to art, MMC (Multimedia centre) Pula, Cro


Unica – Amateur film festival Belgium

Audio video festival, Momjan, Cro

Luksuz film festival, Krško, Slo

Short movie festival, Mostar, BiH

Croatian passion Heritage,  Museum Mimara, Zagreb, Cro     

TEST 6! Disclosure, (Arts festival), SC (Student centre), Zagreb, Hrvatska, Cro


Best in generation - exhibition of awarded graduates, Gallery ALU (Academy of fine arts), Zagreb, Cro



Divergence of a Picture - Museum Vitturi, Kaštel Lukšić, Cro

Dematerialization of space and dematerialization – Township Trogir, Trogir, Cro

Body in space/body as a symbol, Culture centre Zvonimir, Solin, Cro

Wounds, 2007, Parish church of St. Francis Xavier

Water and Stone, 2016, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Education - University of Mostar 

Private Collections



Arts and Culture Financial support I Ministry of Culture Croatia, Zagreb I September 2018 I Support for Individual Artist

Museum of Međimurje Award I Museum of Međimurje Čakovec I May 2018 I Award for the best exhibition 

Arts and Culture Financial support I City Office for Education, Culture and Sport - City of Zagreb I September 2016 I Support for Individual Artist

Croatian of Artist prize I Croatian Association of Artist (CAA), Zagreb, Croatia I December 2012 I Prize for participating in exhibition "From billboard to fashion accessories"

Financial support "Entrepreneurship in the culture"– Ministry of Culture Croatia I Ministry of Culture Croatia, Zagreb I November 2011 I Financial support for Individual Artists

Financial support "International Cultural Cooperation" – Ministry of Culture Croatia I Ministry of Culture Croatia, Zagreb I September 2011 I Financial support for Individual Artists

International street festival Prize I International Street Festival " Cest is the Best ", Zagreb, Croatia I June 2009 I Prize for participating in exhibition "1st Festival of Flags"

Township Trogir Purchase Prize I Township Trogir, Croatia I November 2008 I Purchase prize for supporting artistic creativity

Financial support "Postgraduate or doctoral training abroad in 2006/2007 I Ministry of Science, Education and Sports Croatia, Zagreb I Financial support for studying abroad I Year 2006/ 2007

Academy Of Fine Arts Award I Academy of Fine Arts, Zagreb, Croatia I November 2003 I Award for extraordinary performance during the course of studies and the graduating work, 2002 / 2003

University of Zagreb Grants I University Of Zagreb, Croatia I January 2002 I Scholarship for extraordinary performance during the course of studies during 2002



2014 "Encyclopedia of invisible work" - interdisciplinary performative workshop as a part of Vof Feminae festival in concept of  Institute for catastrophe and chaos, moderators: Iva Nerina Sibila & Hana Lukas Midžić, Zagreb, Cro

2010 Integrative Gestalt – Therapy through creative media, Zagreb, Cro

2007 Art – Therapy, Modus, Zagreb, Cro

2002 New Media Workshop, Club Mama / Multimedia Institute, Zagreb, Cro



2011. "Recycle and Wear - R&W" / Project that combines art and ecology 

2014. Creative Atelier / Fine art education for youth and adult




The Doll House - Nora, Creative Park & Špancir Festival (head of visual and puppets workshop for children and young persons and artwork design)


Ministry of Culture - A BACKPACK (full of)  CULTURE  (Art and Culture in kindergartens and schools) - A series of workshops for elementary school - Universe – associates: Ivana Kutuzović, Goran Gatalica


Croatian Designers Association- Design for Beginners - Mask-Art - One-Day Creative Workshop


Public Open University Zagreb - Children's Workshops - A series of Fine Arts workshops for children and youth with elements of recycling


Walking puppets, Loft - puppet organization, Creative Park & Špancir Festival (head of puppets workshop for children and young persons and artwork design)


College Art Studio Tanay, Zagreb

2007 - 2010

Association for Social creative work, Zagreb

"Art is in me and in you"

2006 - 2008

Ambidextrous Association, Zagreb

"Experiential education - 100% natural" and "See Invisibility" - promote urban culture among children with special needs

2006 - 2008 Association AA, Zagreb

"Happiness belongs to sober people" Creative Therapy Workshop




Tradition in contemporary context, collaboration project, HULULK, Zagreb


Moving through elements, collaboration project with Vesna Šantak, HDLU, CreArt & Gallery Greta, Zagreb



Book of poetry Kozmolom, Goran Gatalica, 2016 / Cover design and Illustration / Publisher: Biokova

Nano Gallery, Catalogue 2005-2010, (p. 92-93) / Publisher: Artenativa

Karas Gallery, Annual catalogue 2010., (p.13) / Publisher: Croatian Association Artist

Barrel Gallery, Annual catalogue 2009., (p.10) / Publisher: Croatian Association Artist

13 th International street festival, Cest is the best, 2009. / Collection of 1 st Festival Art Flags, Zagreb,Cro / Publisher: Association Kadenica

Collection of Modern and Contemporary Art, 2008. / Museum of the City Kastela, Cro / Editor: Ankica Babin museum director / Review: Ivo Babić art. critic. / Publisher: Museum of the City Kastela, Cro

Handbook for socio-pedagogical work (elementary school), 2008. / Design and Illustration: Nina Beslic / Publisher: Association Ambidexter, Zagreb, Cro

Art Magazine Kontura, no. 86, 2006. / Visura Aperta in Momjan "Alliance of contemporary art and tourism" Review: Leila Topic art critic and editor of the art magazine Kontura / Publisher: Kontura Art Magazine

Children's books for elementary school (15 pieces), 2001. / Design and Illustration of covers: Nina Beslic / Publisher: Zagreb Reality



2015. Association for Development of ‘do-it-yourself’ Culture – Makerspace

2010. Croatian Freelance Artists Association

2005. Croatian Artist Association