Transparent areas IV - Crossing - 2014

Installation / Led box & Slides /

Work was represented at the collective exhibition “Moving through the elements” which idea was to eliminate social and cultural barriers and to examine the space of personal movement through the differences and similarities, natural and artificial, external and intimate; questioning the limits of the outer space in relation to thoughts, emotions, memories, experiences, etc. Public space for one day becomes intimate, unfathomable and nostalgic story of each individual artist.

For this art work I have chosen parts of the city (crossings, intersections, parks, roads and etc...) according to  the theory of Marc Auge called non-places; places devoid of individual characteristics, but enough recognizable and purposeful to have their meaning in public space. I chose parts of the city that I regularly use. Places where I meet neighbours, friends and passers.

On a symbolic level work "crossing" are points in time and space where people meet, or just pass each other, common areas they are use, rarely stopping on them or stay on them longer. Although these places are general, I chose particularly parts of areas I use them regularly and make them more personal using expressions "my street", "my neighbourhood", "my crossing near my building," "my stop where I wait tram" etc ...