Cross Dissolve Cosmolom 2016

Object - installation / MDF, LED, reflective foil, reflective glass, acrylic glass, offset print on transparent foil / 30 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm

Installation Cross dissolve - cosmolom is an interdisciplinary collaboration work of two artistic. It is intersection of poetry and new media. The Interpretation of the Universe in poetry book of Goran Gatalica as space that is difficult to reach is transformed into research dichotomy of the real and the abstract, spiritual and physical, large and small, concrete and unreacheble in the work of Nina Iris Beslic. The polarity in works is additionally emphasized with photo-collages that are thematically divided into two groups and placed in 10 boxes inside the gallery. Part of the work shows the cross section of views Karlovac and Zagreb, while abolishing the identity of each city and at the same time is creating new, (no) existing city.

Another group photo collages directly are linked to the poems in the book, interpreting the vastness of the Universe through the display of Galaxies, Perseids, Enceladus , Aldebaran and many other astrological phenomena. Scenes further are multiply broke, intersected and blended one into another by integrating kaleidoscope at the small opening of the box, repeating correctly in mathematical series.

Layering, complexity, intertwining and multiplicity of images have been achieved with prospective plans and kaleidoscope view equals illusion and reality. Mirrors break images of cities, people and space turning them into symbols, signs, totems of time and place.

Sonja Švec Španjol art historian