Cross Dissolve Cosmosplit 2016

Object - installation / MDF, LED, reflective foil, reflective glass, acrylic glass, offset print on transparent foil / 30 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm


Cross Dissolve Cosmosplit is an interdisciplinary artwork that blends poetry and visual art through innovative artistic approach, drawing inspiration from cosmic phenomena and the secrets of universe. It is a scientific and spiritual travel through the field of ideas. Installation by Nina Iris Bešlić is a direct reference to the poetry book "Cosmosplit" by poet and physicist Goran Gatalica. Identical themes and ideas from two different worlds symbolically overlap  and clash, converge and diverge, mirror and oppose one another, thus creating one whole.

Scenes within the boxes are actually networks of photo collages' sections, while photo collages are images of cosmos; galaxies, Perseids, Aldebaran, Cassiopeia, interstellar dust, universe phenomena etc. Layers, transparency, fluidity, and lightness are some of the scene elements. By integrating a mirror inside the box opening, the scenes multiply, split, cross, and merge in a mathematically regular patterns. The mirrors split the universe images, translating it into s sign, reducing it to oneness where two aspects of our lives, spiritual and physical (real) come together.