Video installation / plexiglass, hardboard, reflective foil, digital print on transparent foil, LED lighting, projection screen, sound, voice / 1,5 cm x 1,5 cm

Inspired by the poem "Kozmolom" about the universe and the way in which the author perceives and describes it, I choose ten songs and realize ten different visualizations of the universe displayed in small objects dimensions 30 cm x 30 cm x 30 cm. In the artwork Cross Dissolve III - Kozmolom, I describe the themes of human existence, not only in relation to the space that surrounding it, but also to the space that goes into the the infinity of the universe.

Visualizations in the body of objects are photo collage of the micro universe. Visual impression of micro universe is increased by integrating the kaleidoscope onto the opening of objects. The abstract depictions of the universe, which are showed in the objects, spread inside the gallery space in the form of installations. The modular object, whose base is an equilateral triangle, gradually multiplies and overlaps into the gallery space. It looks like a spatial image that has come out of the small object and now lives an independent life. Images on the photo collage in the objects are two-dimensional appearence, while the installation displays their three-dimensional version. The installation has activated the space of a gallery similar to scenography, where you can enter and experience it with all senses.

Installation is made of smaller objects that show the micro universe, a larger modular object, video projection, sound record of repetitive poetry that gradually multiplies and overlaps, and a hypnotizing sound in the background.