Cross Dissolve II Blendings 2016

Installation - object  / MDF, Led, photo-print on transparency film, magnifier /

“Today we live in a society of control and surveillance cameras where public space is becoming increasingly rare phenomenon. Consequently, the problematic of observation and perspective assumes completely different meanings. Absurdly, every viewpoint is ideological, except for the one coming from surveillance cameras that clinically and objectively take note of everything happening in their field of vision.”

“Today, more than ever before, the ideas of public and private are almost inseparable due to politics of late capitalism, which purposely erases boundaries in order to pursue its own interests, turning private persons into consumers and political followers. As public space disappears, the idea of privacy fades out as well in the time of electronic, virtual reality. ”

“It seems Nina uses complex optic play in an effort to make such idea deeper and multi-layered, and avoid traps put before us by surrounding images/simulacra. Opposite to their hyperrealism (depicting reality more realistically than it is), Nina creates hallucinatory, shapeless, fluid scenes that move away from the sober perception of reality. In contrast to simulacrum, Nina’s work is warm and inclusive.”

Anita Kojundžić